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  1. Voici pour vos beaux yeux: AUTOMNE, le poème que j'ai choisi d'illustrer et d'animer. Les décors sont peints à la main et l'animation est dessinée image par image sur ordinateur. [EN] Here is the short movie I made for the collection "En sortant de l'école". It's a part of 13 short movies, each one gracely made by a different director.
  2. On va annoncer des intentions cet automne.: The government will announce what it intends to do this fall.: Les projections budgétaires quinquennales résultantes seront publiées plus tard cet automne.: The resulting five-year track of fiscal projections will be made public later this fall.: Deux problèmes compliquent sa réélection à l' automne Two issues could complicate Merkel's.
  3. Directed by Marcel Hanoun. With Michael Lonsdale, Tamia. Julien, a movie director, is on the phase of editing his new film, "Juliette sacrifiée". Hurried by his producer, he asks for the help of a professional editor. It is Anne, with whom Julien is soon falling in love. During the whole of the movie, both are sitting in front of the editing table, where they listen to music, talk about.
  4. FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Automne- is the third installment in the series. It centers around Yatsushiro Yuzuriha. [Yuzuriha] "I shall give you the key you seek, should you choose to succeed me as the president of the Council of Nicaea.".
  5. "Chanson d'automne" ("Autumn Song") is a poem by Paul Verlaine (–), one of the best known in the French dersmenlysussototaleasunlilybax.xyzinfo is included in Verlaine's first collection, Poèmes saturniens, published in (see in poetry).The poem forms part of the "Paysages tristes" ("Sad landscapes") section of .
  6. Autumn definition, the season between summer and winter; fall. In the Northern Hemisphere it is from the September equinox to the December solstice; in the Southern Hemisphere it is from the March equinox to the June solstice. See more.
  7. Chanson d’automne - When a sighing begins. High-heels were struggling with a full-length dress So that, between the wind and the terrain, At times a shining stocking would be seen, And gone too soon.
  8. Automne is a CMS written in PHP/MSQL with that comes with an intuitive EXTJS user interface and a web application generator. Templates and rows can mix XML syntax and PHP. Automne is built for speed and embed a customizable cache system.5/5(3).
  9. Dans l'atelier des saisons, l'Automne prend place près de la maquette représentant la Terre, et utilisant ses outils, il doit installer sa saison sur la planète. Un film réalisé dans le cadre de la formation en Gestion de production & techniques numériques d'animation à LISAA Paris, par Yann Austin (Modeling, Compositing) - Marie Briand.

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