Phinney* / McGee* - Heads (Cassette)


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  1. Hal McGee is an American experimental artist and producer, active since He is widely considered as one of the most important and seminal members of an early homemade cassettes musical movement in USA. Together with Debbie Jaffe, McGee operated legendary Cause And Effect cassette label and distribution, releasing such artists as Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, Controlled Bleeding, Robert Rich.
  2. Monster Aux Cord Cassette Adapter - iCarPlay for Car Tape Deck, Auxiliary To Dashboard, MP3 Player, iPod and iPhone - 3 ft Black Cable out of 5 stars 2, $ $
  3. Sep 29,  · Based on a number of years' experience buying Nakamichi cassette decks for an internet company, heads rarely needed replacing. It was almost always a pro deck used by a studio. The higher end decks from Pioneer, Teac, Aiwa and Denon are worth a good look. However, I think the Nakamichis still kick the most ass and you should look for one from a.
  4. Nov 17,  · The Phinney/ McGee release “Shell”, an electronic texture exploration into inner space from Two solo tapes of noise and confusion. “H8” from and “B12” from I produced the eight-volume Tape Heads International Cassette Compilation Series in Around that time the first compact disc recorders for home use were.
  5. Phinney/McGee - "Usufruct/Heads: Electronic Music " CD review Phinney/McGee - "Gnarl/Knot" CD review Mental Anguish & Nomuzic - "Flamingo Road" CD review.
  6. Sep 11,  · McGee is selling “homemade experimental music by Hal McGee and friends, –,” on cassette, CD-R, and downloadable MP3s at .
  7. Electronic Cottage Compilation 5 — Chance Encounters by EC Community members, released 16 August 1. Ben Presto and Massimo Magee - Chance Opportunities 2. Lumens On Fire - Gyro Date 3. John M. Bennett and Adam Naworal - Blood Off The Wing 4. Furchick and osvaldo cibils - semaphore of rabbits 5. Chris Phinney and Jim Barker - Realm Of Chance 6.
  8. Audio and Dictation Micro Cassette, 90 Minutes (45 x 2), Six per Pack / A dictation microcassette that provides clear voice recording and high sound quality. end-of-tape cut off feature on the J and J seem to depend on the pinch capstan pulling the feed reel toward the heads which causes a "catch" to catch and pop the machine out of Reviews:
  9. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 4 Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 3 Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 2 Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 1 Hal McGee - E Hal McGee - H8 Charles Rice Goff III & Hal McGee - Lobhia aur khumbi Goff/Klampe/McGee - Unholy Trinity Hal McGee & Phil Klampe - Alien Progeny Phinney/McGee - Ancient Astronauts CD + comic book.

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