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  1. Speedball is a racquet sport with players hitting forehand and backhand shots at a ball attached by a nylon line to a pole on a stand. The game can be played with one player (solo), or singles or doubles. The players use small racquets to hit the ball and score points in a game situation or count hits in solo play.
  2. Speedball definition is - a dose of cocaine mixed with heroin or morphine or an amphetamine and usually taken by injection.
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  4. On a world ravaged by the Hulk, Speedball is a member of the Next Wave of Heroes - the last heroes of earth. The members are Kid Omega, Patriot, Wiccan, Julie Power, Speedball and the Stepford.
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  7. May 12,  · So fast!! Can you handle it??/5(K).
  8. The term speedball is commonly applied to any combination of two different drug types: an opioid and a stimulant. 2 The classic “speedball” is specifically heroin and cocaine 1 —both potent, illicit drugs that are risky on their own, let alone together.
  9. Speedball- An IV injected mix of heroin & cocaine. This is one of THE most dangerous 2-drug combos known. Speedballing is most often done with the mixture of both drugs in one syringe that's injected. Speedballing not only has a high mortality/death rate, but loss of limb and other problems can arise.

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