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  1. Rat Race is a comedy that partially succeeds and which is often enjoyed in spite of ourselves. Its satirical credentials are non-existent compared to It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and it fails 44%.
  2. Known in French as "Le fortuniste", Ratrace is all about social success. You start out in life with $, a Credit Card and a Business in the Working Class (outer ring of the board) and your objective is to get into the Middle Class and eventually High Society (inner ring). You'll have to face the usual: running your business, paying taxes, getting an education, joining social clubs and much more/10().
  3. rat race n. Informal A difficult, tiring, often competitive activity or routine. rat race n a continual routine of hectic competitive activity: working in the City is a real rat race. rat′ race` n. an exhausting and usu. competitive routine activity. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. rat race - an exhausting.
  4. Rat Race (こっそりラット Kossori Rat) is the 9th game in Rhythm Tengoku and the 48th game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It's about the Sneaky Rats trying to find cheese while running and hiding from Ms. Whiskers. The three rats will be running across a very, very long kitchen table. In practice, they will give you signals when you stop behind a stack of plates, but in the real game, there Appearance: Rhythm Tengoku Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  5. Rat Race adventure sports online store. Clothing. Spring Sale! Mens. Jackets and Gilets; Tops and T-shirts; Shorts and Tights.
  6. Rat Race () (44) IMDb 1h 52min X-Ray PG An all-star comedy cast brings laughs from start to finish when a casino tycoon gives six money-crazed contestants the chance to win $2 million in a race from Las Vegas to New Mexico.
  7. May 19,  · In RAT RACE, casino owner Sinclair (John Cleese) has a plan to attract the really high rollers -- a race between creatures who can think, plan, and lie -- humans. Six randomly selected customers of the casino are each given a key to a box in a Utah train station. Inside the box is $2 million, and the first one there gets it all.4/5.
  8. Rat Race operate phenomenal events around the world that belong firmly on your bucket list. From the world’s biggest obstacle course to running miles across a frozen lake in Mongolia – we have a brilliant sporting experience for everyone.
  9. Rat Race is a modern take on the movie: “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” On the other hand, I do not consider Rat Race a “rip-off” of the earlier film. In my opinion, RR should be viewed at least 3 times if you enjoy Belly Laughs! Laughing this hard is one of .

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