You Better Run


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  1. She's on the charts with "Fire And Ice," and she made a real video for "You Better Run," which was her first single from Crimes Of Passion. Sure, it's a year old, but a lot of people know the song and we need to get a guitar solo on the air soon. Be it said that Pat Benatar will be the first woman, the first American, and the first rocker on MTV.
  2. You better run to the city of refuge Lyrics: You better run You better run and run and run / You better run You better run / You better run to the City of Refuge.
  3. You Better Run Lyrics: You better run / Don't let him get you / You better run / Don't let him get you / Let me get you, babe / He gonna rape you / You know / One day I was in the park / I see a girl.
  4. May 29,  · TAB by Pat Benatar.
  5. Mar 14,  · Directed by Brett Simon. With Maria Bello, Jeremy Irons, Analeigh Tipton, Jane Seymour. An eclectic band of misfits becomes an unlikely family as they take a wild journey in the name of love while on the run from an overzealous FBI duo who wants them dead or alive - preferably dead/10().
  6. You haven't heard anything until you've heard Junior Kimbrough's You Better Run. How this brand of blues was overlooked for so many years is inexplicable, yet understandable as the Mississippi delta and Chicago styles of blues dominates what record labels choose to release. But up in the hill country of north Mississippi a different style of /5(82).
  7. Feb 13,  · Artist: Motorhead Album: March Or Die Tabbed By: Brandondime Tune down to Eb.. = palm mute b = bend x = left hand/percussive mute Chords Used e|| B|| G|| D|(5)-(7)-(8)-(9)--| A|| E|| E G A A# B *Note: the majority of the E chords are played with heavy palm muting | Guitar e|| B|| G|| D|| A|
  8. You better run, you better hide You better leave from my side, yeah I love you, oh I love you so Can't ya see it, don't ya know I can't stand your alibis You're tellin' lies, tell me why, yeah Say.

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