Whats The Point In That?


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  1. Point definition is - an individual detail: item. How to use point in a sentence.
  2. Sep 24,  · At the risk of sounding completely emo and navel-gazing-y and dramatic, I have one question. What is the fucking point of anything?Eat these green things, exercise in this way, think exactly like this, don’t think like this, do these behaviors, say these things, be these things, choose happy, feel your feelings, do this, be this, say this, eat this, sweat this.
  3. what's the point? | ohio's prehistoric people | glossary | index | ohio's prehistoric people | glossary | index.
  4. I was also puzzled by the very same question and was probably depressed until I saw this. The answer to this question is clearly explained in this comic below. All credits to Pablo stanley (dersmenlysussototaleasunlilybax.xyzinfo).
  5. What's The Point?, Warrenpoint, Co. Down, Ireland. 11K likes. Visit Warrenpoint, Co. Down, Ireland dersmenlysussototaleasunlilybax.xyzinfolowers: 11K.
  6. What's the point of studying math in school anyway? No one ever uses it in real life. When you ask "what's the point of ___?" it's usually a criticism and can sound negative. So you should use it when you are angry and annoyed about something. Depending on your personality, you may not want to show people that you're angry unless you're close.
  7. Jun 21,  · Points: A point is a measurement used to express the interest rate of a mortgage or changes to that interest rate. It also refers to shifts in the price of a security. Depending on the context.
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