My Life - SLD Band - SLD Band (CDr, Album)


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  1. Performer: Guitar Slim And His Band Writer: E. Jones Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are mil truncated eliptical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical.
  2. The Life Band. The red Life Band that we wear is not a fad or a fashion statement. In fact, it is an outward marking of an internal conviction. We wear this band in unity and as a reminder of a solemn commitment that we have made—a lifestyle that we have entered into willingly.
  3. Bands are my life. K likes. This page is for fun and anyone who loves bands. If you have any thing you wanna talk about feel free to message the page. Enjoy!.
  4. Lyrically, Life Down Here embodies all the teenage angst one could hope for from a young band. Most of their songs, despite the subject, speak out of an an unforgiving and combative tone. The energy and attitude is great, but to be honest, for me, it becomes a bit predictable and cliche after a few songs.
  5. al-širka al-lubnānīya li-l-usṭuwānāt (الشركة اللبنانية للاسطوانات) (self-identified in French as SLD - Société Libanaise du Disque) is a Lebanese record company.
  6. There’s a distinct spirit to ‘Popular Music’, the debut album from Hull four-piece LIFE. It’s the sound of a band doing everything on their terms – not fully out of choice, more by default.
  7. Although LIFE have become firm friends with kindred spirits Idles since meeting in a hotel foyer, there isn’t another band quite like them. They’re the first four-piece guitar band from Hull to make a big splash since the halcyon days of the Housemartins way back in the s.
  8. The album title is “Singing For My Life”. This title encompasses three things. First, I’m singing for my livelihood. I left my Spanish teacher and coaching position to pursue music full time. Secondly is singing for my life in regards to health. Music has kept me away from trouble and I’ve left a lot of vices behind to pursue this dream.
  9. Songs of My Life $ The album is a collection of songs specifically chosen to reflect some of my feelings, realizations about love, relationships, life’s triumphs and tragedies, and the journey towards understanding we are able to share through the gifts of music and God’s grace.

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